Value for Training Services

Here are the values that you will receive from services rendered. You will have access to online services even if you are engaged with one on one training in the physical studio. We will make sure that you are always connected to a digest of up to date information concerning your needs.


After the initial muscular imbalance analysis, to insure that your program design fits your biomechanical issues, you will be fitted with balance and stabilization movements prescribed by your coach to address the issues.

The training phases that CGroup uses are the basics of balance and stabilization, strength and power. These training phases are the basics no matter that your goals are weight-loss, firming and toning or to get stronger.


Nutritional programming will be addressed after Body-Composition testing which will state what your fat percentage, muscular percentage, and water composition details. The composition analysis will be assessed by the new Futrex Bod-e-com, a device that we’ve used for composition programming since the early 90’s.

Challenge Group Health and Fitness, Inc. Has been educated by Futrex since the early 90’s, and has used several versions of this device.


There are actually three tiers or packages for phone conversations about training in general. This phase of the program is used as a digest to discuss training views and to update your basic personal knowledge base.

It is the vision of Challenge Group Health and Fitness, Inc. operating as (CGroup Virtual Fitness), to enhance the knowledge of each new client and pass clients, to understand that this discipline of Strength Training aids in the evolvement of human evolution. It is a discipline for the uplifting of consciousness.


Email support is unlimited. In other words you can send emails at anytiime, and we will update you with whatever questions that come to mind.

Even though our hours are 6AM to 6PM Monday through Saturday, you can still emaiil at anytime, and we will be available for email support.